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Customer Only | July 31, 2018


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When prospective customers enter your service lane, AutoLoop Quote instantly notifies sales staff with an email or SMS text. Now, those notifications contain a direct link to the customer on the Quote Customer Details page, so it’s even more seamless for sales staff to quickly pull up their information and present them with their quote. No need to log in to the nearest desktop—your sales staff can access the system from their preferred device.

How it works:

  1. A servicing prospect arrives.
  2. The appropriate salesperson is notified via text or email.
  3. The salesperson logs in (if necessary) to see the Quote Customer Details page at a glance: the customer’s current equity position, available quote information, and more.
  4. The salesperson may create a custom quote, add a Note to the customer record, or (if configured) send the customer right to the CRM.

For more information on the new notification link in AutoLoop Quote, please contact your Performance Manager.

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