New custom fields for your inspections.

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You take care of multiple customers in your service lane every day. Each one is different – and with varying models, mileage, and wear, each vehicle is different as well. That means every inspection you perform can yield unique results. Capturing those results with accuracy is crucial, which is why AutoLoop MPI™ and SmartLane™ now allow for custom data entry fields in your inspections.

New custom fields for key info

Need to add important details about a customer’s rotors or drums? Or mention the PSI and unusual wear pattern to recommend new tires? How about those interior lights – did the customer want you to check the light under the dashboard, on the door panels, the console, or the footwells? If missed, these little details can hold your shop back from maximum efficiency.

But AutoLoop MPI and SmartLane give you options for any eventuality: with just a few clicks, you can quickly add those critical inspection items wherever necessary. Even better, there’s an additional new capability that lets you copy and paste info – and images – from your DMS directly into the notes while still keeping the original format. And because every item on your checklist displays a “+” box on the left that instantly opens the “Notes” feature, it’s just as efficient as it is easy. No searching for the right inspection item or mistakenly opening the wrong drop-down to add a note.

From air conditioning to hoses to windshield wipers, it’s easy to include everything in your reports that you include in your inspections. To learn more about this new feature or begin using it in your store, reach out to your Performance Manager today.

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