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Having everything you need to close the deal in one spot – sound like a dream? We know juggling multiple vendors and logins can be a hassle for your team. Save your sales staff those extra steps with this convenient new integration. If you have a CARFAX account, you’re now able to explore these reports right from the vehicle inventory page within AutoLoop XRM.

Show Me the CARFAX Integration

From the Customers menu in XRM, navigate to the newly updated vehicle inventory page and select a vehicle inventory record. Under the Details tab, you’ll find the CARFAX logo near the top center of the page. When you click on the CARFAX logo, a message box will open asking you to confirm that you would like to run a CARFAX report for that vehicle.

If the CARFAX logo for a particular vehicle has a green box around it, this lets you know that a report has already been run for that vehicle. If you just want a quick summary of the report, click on the CARFAX logo. Or, view the report in full by clicking the link at the bottom of the summary message box.

How to Set Up CARFAX in Your Store

When you log into XRM, navigate to Employee Vendor Link under the Maintenance menu. From here, you can choose the employees to enable this integration for and the vendor, CARFAX. Plug your CARFAX username into the Vendor Value field and your CARFAX password into the Vendor Value 2 field. Click Save – and you’re integrated!

Fastrack deal processing without ever leaving your inventory page with CARFAX reports, now only a click away. For assistance integrating CARFAX with your XRM profile, or for any other questions, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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