Eight tips for Facebook advertising.

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With the majority of your customers on Facebook, it makes sense to put your store’s social media presence to work for you. We previously looked at some of the ways you could use social media for your dealership, such as boosting your ratings, engaging your customers, and showing your store’s personality. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into Facebook advertising.

If you have a Facebook page for your store and want to shift into driving more sales and service opportunities, here are 8 tips to position your page for success.

  1. Ensure there’s a prominent spot on your page where customers can schedule a test-drive. The more visible, the better.
  2. Take advantage of the Facebook advertising capabilities available for business pages to lift customer engagement on your page. There are even solutions available to have marketing experts handle this for you.
  3. Keep your ads short and sweet. A precise benefit to the customer and call-to-action will prompt clicks through to your dealership website. Once there, customers will find a lot of valuable information—so try not to stuff your Facebook ads with too many details. With only a few seconds to grab their attention, a clear, compelling ad will perform far better than a cluttered one.
  4. Spy out the competition to see what other dealerships are up to on their social media. Gather ideas and insider information, see what customers are engaging with, and try doing whatever they’re doing better!
  5. Consider a promotion or giveaway to get customers involved, but be aware of the guidelines Facebook has set. You can view those on Facebook’s site under “Promotions on Pages, Groups and Events” (https://www.facebook.com/policies/pages_groups_events/).
  6. Make your service offers exceptionally enticing. Customers who have been going to an aftermarket service provider for some time will need a reason to change up their routine, so make your offer an appealing one.
  7. Boost your top performers. If you have an ad that’s doing well and bringing in business, there’s no need to recreate the wheel to get the same results. Keep boosting your posts until they no longer pull the results you want.
  8. Share your stuff! The more exposure your store gains, the more customers will establish a relationship with you – and this engagement will lead to more loyalty and more business.

Creating and maintaining a social media advertising strategy takes time, and you may not see the results you want when just getting started. Nail down a strategy for your Facebook page or reach out to your Performance Manager for guidance. We’ll work with you to form a plan that will put your page to work to engage customers and draw in business.

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