Three new inventory pricing integrations.

Customer Only | July 2, 2018


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Now dealers can access pricing information from third-party inventory management systems vAuto, Advent, and HomeNet within AutoLoop Quote™! These new integrations free up your time and boost overall shop efficiency by simplifying the vehicle pricing process. All you have to do is make a pricing update in the inventory management tool, and you can rest assured that your Quote pricing is kept in sync with your website.

Not only do these integrations ensure quick and easy updating for dealers, it means more accurate and up-to-date quotes for your customers, too. The new integration completely replaces the need for an inventory feed from the DMS—making it simple for dealers to keep up with the latest store- and vehicle-specific discounts. And because incentives are applied automatically by Quote, if a dealer chooses to mark a vehicle down an extra $500 or so in order to sell it faster, they can do so, and the update will be reflected in Quote.

Providing consistency between the price the customer sees online and the one they’re quoted in-store increases the customer’s trust in the dealer, which is a huge factor in earning their business. With these new integrations, dealers using vAuto, Advent, and/or HomeNet can ensure seamless consistency with the least amount of effort.

For more information on these new integrations, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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