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It’s an ingenious combination that gives you invaluable insights: the latest AutoLoop sales prediction algorithms paired with key AutoLoop Quote™ attributes and vehicle info. The result? The newly enhanced Trade Probability Rating (TPR) score, which constantly shows you the best customers to target for trades.

The TPR automatically analyzes every customer on a daily basis – or on demand – and surpasses basic algorithms by using hundreds of big data points to determine a customer’s likelihood of trading in their current vehicle for a new or used one. In the Sales Ledger, customers are instantly ranked based on their TPR score, making precise prime customer targeting even simpler with little to no effort from your staff.

In other words, you can easily see all your high-priority customer targets right from the ledger. For customers that are not high priority, the sales staff can print in-lane equity handouts to include with the service write-up the next time they’re in. Or they can target these customers with an email or print piece using the Quote Filter to create a list, selecting all customers above a defined TPR score. This ensures every customer is engaged and receiving the right attention based on their individual equity position, represented by their TPR score.

Visible on Sales and Service ledgers and in Customer Details, the TPR utilizes an easy-to-understand 0-100 scale: the higher the score, the greater a customer’s trade potential. Since the TPR uses machine-learning, it’s continually evolving to improve predictive scoring and constantly reflect the most accurate information possible.

Within the ledger, hovering over the score generates a popup showing the factors impacting the score, while the level of impact is designated by green bars specifying further detail such as Maturing Finance Payments, Payment Drop, and more.

The Trade Probability Rating score is one more way that Quote reduces the guesswork involved in trade sales – and simultaneously helps allocate customer attention for maximum effectiveness.

To learn more about the TPR functionality, please contact your Performance Manager.

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