The key to retention: consistent contact.

Blog | June 22, 2018

Author: Scott Kane

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To stay top-of-mind with your customers, you need to keep in touch. If you have lifecycle-based communications that launch automatically (triggers), you’re already taking advantage of a great tool for your dealership. This keeps your active customers engaged. However, to maximize your dealership’s reach and re-engage your inactive customers, consistent contact is key.

Our recent analysis showed that staying in regular contact with all customers helped boost retention and recapture inactive customers. And all at a greater rate than dealerships with lower marketing reach, which is defined as the percent of customers who receive a communication within a defined period, e.g. 30 days. More reach means more retention, and more retention means more business!

Add Lifecycle Trigger Communications to Your Marketing Mix for Automatic Engagement

Lifecycle triggers make it easy to ensure your customers receive highly-relevant information and offers when they are most likely to need service or purchase a new vehicle. They can include declined service reminders, customer birthday wishes, vehicle anniversary messages, and more. And by targeting a highly-focused group, lifecycle triggers reach about 1 in 4 customers in a 30-day window, effectively pulling in your active customers to maintain consistent contact.

Your inactive customers may need a bit more of a push. With about 50-60% of customers providing their email address to a typical dealer, most promotional email campaigns reach about 2 in 4 customers. Ensure customers are getting your messages by adding additional media types, such as SMS and mail. Not only will this help you drive consistent communication across multiple channels, but you’ll also see your reach expand to 80% or more and your business grow faster.

Scott Kane
Marketing Strategist

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