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Advisors know that a routine day in the service lane can often be anything but routine: unexpected interruptions, last-minute appointment changes, incoming deliveries and phone calls, outgoing vehicles and messages—all interwoven with the ongoing service work. Many staff members wear multiple hats, changing them as needed throughout the day to juggle an assortment of duties.

The AutoLoop Service Suite caters to multiple-hat-wearers, expertly helping them switch functions at the drop of a hat. From automated notifications to multiple open tab capabilities and more, the AutoLoop Service Suite tools offer built-in features specifically designed to simplify jobs for multi-taskers. For example:

Open inspections in a dedicated tab.  When your advisors need to review an inspection – especially when an unexpected issue arises – but don’t want to leave the page they’re on, they can simply open that inspection in a new tab. In fact, the tool gives users the ability to have multiple inspection tabs open at once.

Live updating AutoLoop MPI ledger. In a busy service lane, always having the most accurate, up-to-date information is crucial – and manually entering data can be unreliable and time-consuming. So when an MPI is completed, its status in the ledger is automatically updated to ensure the ledger constantly displays every MPI status in real time.

Auto-filter searches in MPI. There is such a thing as too much information. While specific details may be needed by one advisor, they also might be irrelevant to others. And overwhelming everyone with all the particulars just increases confusion and time spent. For that reason, the MPI ledger can now be filtered to show only selected inspection types. These easy settings enable your Service Department staff to quickly see just the info that pertains to their designated role.

Notifications for status changes. And speaking of inspection statuses, every time an MPI status changes – say, for instance, when the customer status changes to “Parts” – associated users are also automatically notified through their selected channels. Sent via email or SMS, these notifications pull information from the “Email Address” and “Voice Number” on the User Details page. Not only do they help keep your service staff in the know at all times, the timely messages also provide crucial updates to the customers.

Quick filters in the AutoLoop Book ledger. Multiple tasks cause the need for multiple filters. Because streamlining information is a constant necessity in a busy service lane, Book features numerous quick filters that deliver precisely the requested information – and nothing more. Customize views for teams, specific advisors, customers, all aspects of appointments, inspections, and more: Book offers easy, one-click usability.

AutoLoop SmartLane scans and streamlines check-ins. It’s a multitasker’s dream. Just do a quick scan of a customer’s license or VIN and you’re instantly able to identify existing customers or enter new information with laser accuracy – even while handling other things. You also get a complete and immediate overview of all upcoming services and arriving appointments right from your tablet, regardless of where you are or what else you’re doing.

With intelligent options for your everyday situations, the AutoLoop Service Suite makes it easy to streamline service and increase efficiency – even for non-multitaskers. For more information, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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