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One of the most basic services that maintenance professionals provide is the multi-point inspection. An MPI can help diagnose problems with a vehicle that may otherwise go unnoticed. Pinpointing those issues and documenting them is important. But just as important is properly conveying the MPI report to your customers—as it can dramatically increase service revenue and upsell. In fact, internal AutoLoop studies have found that nearly twice as many customers will refer someone to their service dealership when they understand the results of their vehicle inspection. And with AutoLoop MPI, it’s even easier to explain the results of the MPI to customers by using print, email, and SMS.


Printing out an MPI report can be helpful for certain customers. It’s something they can hold in the store, and it’s something they can take home with them, increasing CSI. Plus, the customer can easily save the printed version for their personal records.


Another way the Service Advisor can review the report with the customer is via email. Email is ideal for waiting customers, off-site customers, or any customer who wishes to go paperless. The report can be attached as a PDF, so the customer can keep an electronic version for their own records. This can help you cut down on printing costs and provide results faster for the customer.


Finally, the MPI report can be sent to the customer via SMS, which is perfect for customers who prefer text to email. Customers will receive the link to their inspection results, where they can quickly view and approve recommended repairs. Then, they can save them electronically for their records, just as with email.

In addition to print, email, and SMS, the Service Advisor can also review the MPI report with the customer on a tablet in the waiting room. The main advantage of reviewing the MPI report on a tablet, at a desk, or via email/SMS is the electronic format allows for photos and videos to be viewed with the written report. These visual supplements help customers understand what services need to be performed and why. Customers request additional clarification of repair orders 43% of the time, costing each technician an average of 30 minutes per day of follow-up time.1 But by streamlining and clarifying the communication process between Service Advisor and customer, Service Departments can decrease wasted time and increase satisfaction and customer pay dollars.

For more information on MPI reports or other AutoLoop MPI features, please contact your Performance Manager.

1 According to key findings from a Carlisle & Company Annual Automotive Technician Survey across 9,000 service technicians from 15 major auto brands.
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