Segment for success: list building tips.

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Creating brand loyalty in today's computerized world requires excellence and speed at every step of the automotive customer lifecycle, from first contact to repurchasing. If your dealership can't keep pace, we can guide you through a digital transformation to streamline your operations.

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It’s not easy to drive your bottom line on the showroom floor every day, but the AutoLoop XRM Marketing Center does a lot to make your job more efficient. In fact, the dynamic functionality in your Marketing Center allows you to quickly access your database, search for specific criteria, and leverage multiple contact methods, all while tracking the results.

But what about driving those results to higher response rates, better ROI, and happier customers? Using the list building capabilities in the Marketing Center can get you there. Segmenting your customer base into highly-targeted groups will not only add more punch to your communications and capture their attention, but it’ll also lower your chances of being blacklisted.

Why Should You Segment Your Lists?

Are all your customers exactly the same? Of course not. That’s why segmentation is critical to maximizing your engagement and making your marketing dollars count. Some customers are ready to purchase while others are only browsing. Some may need vehicle service while others may have already been in recently. When you market to customers at specific points in the vehicle ownership lifecycle, you’re engaging them with the right communications at the right time – allowing you to enjoy the right kind of ROI, too.

How can list segmentation benefit your marketing?

  • More customers will open your emails, leading to more engagement
  • Your emails will be more relevant to your customers
  • You’ll see fewer opt-outs and unsubscribes
  • You’ll generate more leads and keep your current customers loyal

How Do You Segment Your Lists in AutoLoop XRM?

There are various forms in the Marketing Center that you can use to narrow down your audience.
All Customers will let you exclude those who received an email or purchased a vehicle between certain dates.

Equity Search helps you find customers within a certain equity range.

Service to Sales enables you to filter by repair order dates.

Plus, there are so many other list forms you can use. Simply plug in your criteria, click Search, and then select Email to compose a communication to that customer list.

What Are Some Example Lists?

New Owners’ Clinic: You’ve sealed the deal, but that’s only the beginning of the customer lifecycle. Keep that retention going strong by sending your new customers an invite to a new owners’ clinic. Target customers with a specific make and provide make-specific maintenance intervals and how-to tips. Not only will your customers appreciate being recognized as new owners and the relevant service information, they’ll also discover what your dealership offers beyond sales and service: a personalized experience.

Window Shoppers’ Reminder: Tailor this list to target only those prospective customers who visited your showroom during a specific timeframe, such as last month, and exclude all customers who purchased in that timeframe; that way you’re not marketing to someone who just bought. Remind these prospects of a vehicle they explored and let them know you haven’t forgotten them and are available to answer any questions. Plus, you can add a special lease or financing offer to further drive the sale.

Happy Birthday Wishes: Who doesn’t like birthday offers? Build stronger relationships with your customers and increase loyalty with special sales or service offers for their birthday, such as a complimentary car wash or an offer for accessories unique to their model for even more personalization.

Market like a pro with highly-targeted communications sent to the right customers, every time, with customer lists segmented for success. For more information on how to craft customer lists in XRM, or for any other questions, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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