Concordville Subaru success story.

Customer Only | June 6, 2018


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Treating every customer like family isn’t just a nice saying at Concordville Subaru; it’s one of the core values they believe in and put into practice. That level of commitment to their customers and their community goes into every aspect of business, including their monthly newsletter through AutoLoop – and they have the engagement metrics to prove it.

Finding it hard to feel the love? Read on and see for yourself the success Concordville Subaru is having with their newsletter to build relationships with their customers and boost profit, too.

Capturing Attention – and Clicks – with Custom Content

With AutoLoop Newsletter, you can rely on us for default content. But how beneficial is it to opt for custom content instead of using the default newsletter articles? Very! Whether it’s a new owners’ clinic, an adoptable pet-of-the-month feature, or fun trivia with service discount prizes, it’s clear by the clicks that customers love the more personal stories shared by their dealerships. Concordville shared an article on the progress of their new building, capturing more than double the clicks of any other article.

Did We Say Double?

We can’t make these metrics up – our reporting and analytics are too efficient for that. Just take a look at some of the recent numbers for Concordville Subaru:

  • An engagement rate of 9%
  • 127 sales and 54 service opportunities generated
  • A combined sales and service ROI average of $6.58:1

Straight from the Store: Concordville’s Success

Don’t take our metrics for it, though. See what Peter Lustgarten, President and General Manager of Concordville Subaru, says about our newsletters:

“We wrote an article about our brand-new facility, and it turned out to be the most clicked link on our newsletter to date! With 111 clicks, it brought our click rate up to 6.47%. Our customers respond well to our home-grown content, and we get to show them something new every month.”

To learn more about AutoLoop Newsletter, or to get started today, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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