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We all know that multi-point inspections are routine. But we also know that they can be affected by day-to-day shop goals and customer needs. Now, service departments using AutoLoop MPI™ can create and save different forms tailored to the multiple inspection types they may need to perform in the service bay. Here’s a few quick examples of the different types of multi-point inspections that can easily be created and saved in AutoLoop MPI with just a few clicks.

Express Inspection

When your service lane is packed and you need to get everyone checked in as quickly and efficiently as possible, the express inspection is your best method. Most likely, it’s your go-to for oil change customers as well. These types of inspections typically include just the basics: fluid checks, wipers, air filter, and tire pressure.

Standard Inspection

If your shop is like most, your advisors perform a good deal of this type of inspection day in and day out. The standard inspection is many shops’ bread and butter; an ideal way to pinpoint and upsell other needed services. Your shop likely has its own protocol for these types of inspections, but they typically include everything you’d perform in an express inspection, plus a few important extras. All lights, belts, and hoses are checked. The remaining filters in the vehicle are typically inspected, as well as the fuel system, exhaust, and battery. And, of course, brakes, suspension, alignment, and shocks are given a thorough once-over.

Comprehensive Inspection

Unlike the other two inspection types covered here, the comprehensive multi-point inspection is a service on its own, and not an automatic add-on to other services. It may be less common in your shop, but is the go-to inspection for customers taking their vehicle for a long trip or those looking to sell their vehicle independently. On top of checking everything already mentioned, your service advisors will go above and beyond for a full inspection. A diagnostic is usually performed, as is checking for any open recalls and running the VIN for accident reports. A test-drive should be performed to check for any odd noises and to address anything specific the customer may be noticing. The vehicle’s frame is examined for faults such as rust, body damage, or wear. The suspension is gone over with a fine-toothed comb. The entire brake system is inspected. And that’s just to name a few. As any service manager or experienced service advisor knows, a comprehensive inspection is just that: full and thorough.

Comprehensive inspections are likely the only time advisors get the pleasure of checking off every single item on a typical, “generic” inspection form. However, those using AutoLoop MPI to create and save their most-used inspection types can now get that satisfaction with every MPI they perform. For more information on creating inspection types in MPI, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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