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The SMS feature in AutoLoop MPI now comes with a default message in addition to the inspection results URL, saving busy advisors from having to type out a message with each SMS they send. Instead, they can choose to use the default notification, a brief message politely letting the customer know their inspection is complete and sharing the URL where they can view the results.


For added convenience, the default message can be changed or added to if needed. This is useful for advisors wanting to add a more personal spin on the default message. For example, if your customer came in for comprehensive inspection before heading on a road trip, you could edit the default message to read: “You’re all set for a great trip – see your inspection results here.”


Editing the default message is also a good way to maintain transparency with your customer, in turn driving up loyalty. For example, if a customer receives an express inspection, you could let them know in the SMS that the results they’re seeing are for an express inspection (which normally contains about 10-15 inspection items). This way, when they come back for full service and receive a more thorough MPI that leads to upsell opportunities, they’ll understand the distinction between the brief inspection they received with their previous oil change and the more extensive one they’re being presented along with the upsell. In other words, they’ll understand the reason behind each inspection and can better appreciate the value of the upsells.


When there’s no time for customizing a message and speed is of the utmost importance, the default message has you covered. All that’s needed is to hit “send” and your customer is instantly notified that their inspection is ready to view, with no added message composition required.

If you have any questions about using the default SMS message in AutoLoop MPI, your Performance Manager is happy to assist you.

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