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Customer Only | April 25, 2018


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You’re always looking for new ways to boost shop efficiency and earn your customers’ loyalty, and AutoLoop MPI has a new update to help you do both. New status notifications can alert advisors the moment the status of an open inspection RO changes, keeping everyone on the job informed, allowing for quicker job completion and happier customers.

MPI users can set alerts to be received either by email or SMS, so they can conveniently access them right from the shop floor. That way, your service lane can operate even more efficiently while ensuring your staff is always in the know on the status of every customer’s vehicle.

Status updates can be defined by parameters specific to your needs, and you can receive updates for them as well. For example, set a status to Dispatch, In Progress, Service Advisor Review, Repair Authorized, Parts Ordered, Complete, and more with updates to accommodate your shop’s workflow.

To learn more about implementing MPI status notifications, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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