3 Tips for Boosting Business with Social Media

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Before customers ever breeze into your showroom or service lane, most have done extensive research online, and not only on your website. A recent study published by J.D. Power shows that 22 percent of car buyers considered social media a beneficial medium when shopping for a new vehicle and choosing a dealership — and highly useful when checking ratings and reviews.

No matter your target audience or customer base, social media can supplement your sales and service efforts in a variety of ways. Here are a few tips to build your social media presence:

Tip 1: Boost Your Ratings to Build Your Business

With so many customers using social media to get to know your dealership, it’s crucial to establish brand awareness and a positive reputation. Go beyond likes and shares to promote your brand — encourage your customers to rate and review your dealership online. Not only does this improve CSI, it also pulls in potential customers outside your area of conquest: car buyers and service customers will be willing to travel farther to visit a dealership with good ratings!

Tip 2: Engage Your Customers — They’ll Advertise for You!

Put the versatility of social media to work for you! By leveraging vehicle incentives and service coupons, you can drive more engagement with your customers — and get your dealership in front of a bigger audience. Entice customers with promotions exclusively on your social media pages, such as offers for customers who check in online, and you’ll even boost your dealership’s exposure through customer likes and shares.

Tip 3: Show Your Store’s Personality to Build Trust

Building a relationship with your customers includes more than just sales incentives and service offers. Show your store’s personality on your social media: post pictures from fundraisers or events, feature employees hard at work and having fun, share success stories, and more to make your store stand out in a newsfeed full of ads. Then, ask questions and get involved by inviting customers to share their own stories and photos! A personal touch is a powerful one, and customers will be more invested in your business.

Social media isn’t just for the kids — customers across all demographics use various social media platforms. Take advantage of the benefits of social media by building brand awareness and establishing a good reputation, engaging customers with enticing offers, and growing a personal relationship by getting them involved.

To learn more about how to leverage social media for your dealership, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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