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The Sales and Usage Report in Quote benefits dealerships in many ways. It gives managers a high-level, quick look at how their shop and their employees are performing overall. And it highlights personal strengths and growth areas by displaying an individual salesperson’s accomplishments and results. To gain a better understanding of how this valuable tool can work for you, let’s take a closer look at the communication types that display under the Sales tab, including the newest addition, Auto XChange.

Auto XChange

Our newest trigger, Auto XChange, automates and engages cutomers with compelling messaging. Auto XChange triggers use payment information to present customers with the right messages at the right time based on where they are in the ownership lifecycle.

The Auto XChange communication type shows all communications that were sent from the Auto XChange trigger, including how many resulted in closed deals. Simply click on “Auto XChange” to view the details of every deal associated with this trigger.


This communication type shows how many emails were sent in any given campaign, plus the total number of customers who purchased a vehicle as a result. Click the display to get a breakdown of who sent the campaign as well as an overview of the customer who made the purchase. Select the blue-underlined link to see additional activities associated with the sale, such as handouts, leads sheets, or emails sent via Auto XChange.

Push to CRM

This communication type gives an in-depth overview of leads pushed to your CRM—either one at a time or in bulk—that resulted in a sale.


The Worked communication type—shown selected in the image below—reports when a salesperson is working a lead and diving into customer details as well as when they add a note or print a handout or leadsheet.



This notification shows how many salespeople viewed a customer’s details but took no further action.


This notification represents the number of locked quotes sent to customers by mail from a salesperson.

Any of the above communication types can be opened and explored to give managers a great overview of who is contacting the most leads and selling the most vehicles. It also serves as an excellent way to gain a better understanding of what tactics work best during the sales process and which may need further optimizing. For more information about the Sales and Usage Report, the Auto XChange trigger, or anything else, please contact your Performance Manager.

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