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Need a simpler, more effective process for completing multi-point inspections? Introducing all-new AutoLoop MPI, our user-friendly multi-point inspection tool that enables you to complete more inspections in less time and present your recommendations to customers more easily than ever before.

How it works

AutoLoop MPI walks service staff quickly and efficiently through the inspection process using OEM-tailored criteria. As repairs are recommended and approved, they are automatically recorded and your service staff is updated with notifications and alerts. In addition to streamlining the service-approval process, MPI allows managers to stay informed of overall shop operations at a glance. The MPI Dashboard keeps track of which services are most commonly recommended, sold, and declined, allowing for a convenient high-level picture of what products are selling well and which may need to be adjusted.

Access from anywhere in the Service Department

Inspections, along with any attached photos and videos, are instantly and automatically saved to the MPI service ledger. From there, your service advisors and parts staff can access them from the MPI desktop ledger, eliminating the need for going back and forth with paper records that can be hard to read and keep track of.

Faster customer approvals

When the walk-around is complete, MPI generates an inspection report with all recommendations, including photos, videos, and notes. The completed report can be printed out, saved as a PDF, emailed, or texted to the customer for instant approval. Sharing photos and videos with customers along with your service recommendation lends credibility and builds trust in your advisors’ work. If a customer declines a service, it can be saved to their record to be addressed upon the next service visit.

Mobile enabled and versatile

MPI was built with a mobile-first approach, so advisors can easily use it on their Android or Apple® phones or tablets while out in the service bay. It’s also versatile enough for use on desktop, so office staff can access and view data from their preferred source.

AutoLoop MPI enables you and your service staff to simply and efficiently identify repair opportunities, and then comprehensively explain them to customers for instant approval in a transparent, easy-to-understand format that boosts trust and builds better relationships. For more information about getting started with MPI, please contact your Performance Manager.

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