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We know that in your line of business, efficiency is the key to success. That’s why AutoLoop Book™ makes it even simpler to streamline your shop operations with the Shop Loading feature. This convenient tool gives you greater control of your service lane, with optimizations that make it easy to manage appointment types, determine service cutoff times, designate the best team for every job, and more.

Key Shop Loading Features

Dashboard – The intuitive Shop Loading Dashboard provides a quick overview of your shop’s available capacity and a simple breakdown of booked appointments. One click gives you instant access to your capacity overrides, where you can easily make changes to your current shop load. Detailed breakdowns of customizable Skill Groups, opcodes and teams show how many appointments are available and how many are occupied at any given time to help you manage productivity – and maximize profitability – more effectively.

Skill Groups – Skill Groups are customizable categories of opcodes that an advisor can define to keep related services grouped together. Shop Loading’s Skills Groups option allows Book to simplify the task of assigning a specific job to a specialized technician.

Custom Capacity Settings – This allows you to customize your shop’s capacity type by “Appointments” or by “Available Technician Hours.” Once customized, you can easily optimize each team’s availability, either by “Skill Group” or “Opcode.” From here, you can easily establish exactly how much time is needed for an appointment before accepting a new one.

How Shop Loading Can Streamline Your Operations

Scenario 1: Airbag recalls continue to increase, creating major burdens for Service and Parts departments. With Shop Loading enabled, you can create an “Airbag Recall” Skill Group and limit the number of those appointments, either by available time slots or by setting a daily max.

When your advisors use Book, they can see the week’s availability for specialized repairs and are held to the same capacities that customers encounter on your Online Customer Appointment Scheduler to avoid scheduling inconsistencies.

Scenario 2: Advisors often struggle with diagnostic appointments being scheduled in the afternoon, which means their technicians won’t have enough time to diagnose and complete a repair before the end of the day.

With Shop Loading enabled, you can create a “Major Repair” or “Diagnostic” Skill Group. This helps you determine the time intervals available and decide on the best daily cutoff time for those more time-consuming repairs. Smart time management like this leaves more availability for smaller jobs to be completed before closing time.

For assistance using the Shop Loading feature, please contact your Performance Manager today.

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