AutoLoop’s New TradeAi Tool Accelerates Trade Cycles, Simplifies Processes

Press Releases | March 23, 2018


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Intelligent innovation handpicks the most optimal trade customers for retailers – and automatically provides strategically customized engagement

CLEARWATER, FL – AutoLoop LLC, the leading provider of auto industry sales, service, and marketing solutions, today announced the newest addition to its comprehensive, end-to-end platform: TradeAi. An entirely automated trade generation tool, TradeAi captures and communicates with dealerships’ best prospects to shorten and expedite the trade cycle and drive showroom traffic.

Dealers are continuously being presented with more tools to help them manage dealership processes, meaning they’re facing the challenge of implementing those processes and ensuring continued success. Continuing challenges in new car sales also mean dealers need more effective ways to move existing customers along in the trade cycle. With TradeAi, AutoLoop helps dealerships overcome these challenges with leading-edge technologies to intelligently automate this process in a way not possible before.

TradeAi combines the wealth of data within the dealership’s DMS with proprietary AutoLoop data to analyze a dealership’s customers daily, surfacing and then communicating to customers that are ready to buy. Once customers are engaged, TradeAi presents them with a customized, guaranteed purchase price on their existing vehicle(s) from individual expert appraisers – then continues to monitor, retarget, and improve its customer engagement over multiple platforms to ultimately boost showroom traffic with trade-ready customers.

“As the only solution of its kind, TradeAi will provide significant benefits – both short- and long-term – to our dealerships,” said AutoLoop Chief Product Officer Matt Rodeghero. “First, it’s fully automated, so there’s no learning curve. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it technology. Second, because most retailers already have a wealth of customers in their DMS that are definitely going to buy in the next 30-90 days, this tool can expedite that entire process. It delivers substantially better results by accurately pinpointing prospects, showing the retailer the best way to engage them, and communicating to them at the most optimal time. This brings in more people ready to trade and creates a much smoother process overall. Plus, it reinforces to consumers that the dealer is tuned in to their needs and working with them to find exactly what they want.”

A self-learning tool that updates daily, TradeAi follows artificial intelligence technologies similar to those used by Uber, and it employs the state-of-the-art distributed computing platform Apache Spark™. “With over 44 million customer predictions generated daily, TradeAi has an 87% accuracy rate in predicting customer behavior and is delivering six times more customer responses than traditional marketing,” said Rodeghero. “That translates to higher immediate profitability for retailers—and future payoffs in increased owner loyalty and satisfaction, more trades down the line, and potential customer referrals to others.”

Available as part of AutoLoop’s industry-leading customer marketing and engagement solution, TradeAi is fully integrated with the entire AutoLoop suite and works in tandem with its Quote™, XRM™, and Trade-In Valet® platforms to capture best prospects and generate sales.

Dealers interested in learning more about TradeAi or AutoLoop’s other sales software can call 877-850-2010 or visit

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About AutoLoop:

Since 2005, AutoLoop has helped automotive dealerships nationwide increase sales, improve client retention, and achieve overall higher customer satisfaction ratings throughout the Sell, Service, Repeat cycle. With the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite—an all-encompassing platform that includes everything from CRM and automated messaging to equity mining, service scheduling, and more—AutoLoop is the industry’s first and only single-vendor, end-to-end marketing and engagement solution. An Inc. 500 company with nearly 50 million names in its database and over a billion individual communications initiated, AutoLoop is passionate about being America’s best customer retention partner for progressive dealerships.

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