Installations superstar: Larry Wischnewsky

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As one of the founding members of the Installations team, Installations Manager Larry Wischnewsky paved the way for excellence with AutoLoop XRM™. From humble beginnings nearly nine years ago as a technical support agent, Larry quickly stepped up to his position and grew into bigger roles, where his vast knowledge and experience made him the go-to guy for getting work done.

Soon after joining the XRM team back in 2009, his hard work and dedication made a difference—and he was quickly promoted to Inside Account Manager/Setup. From there he moved on to Assistant Manager of Software Implementation, and later Manager of that department. Known as the expert in all things CRM and DMS data importing, his years of experience have made him a valuable part of the team – and the clear choice for the Installations Manager position.

“I worked with Larry when I was a trainer, and the team always knew that if we needed something, call Larry,” said Stephen Coambes, Director of Professional Services. “We are glad to have him. He really stepped up to the plate after the previous installations manager left. His experience and knowledge of XRM is invaluable and his ability to quickly step into the role, grab the ball, and start running was just what we needed. Thanks, Larry!”

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