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Customer Only | March 5, 2018


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Give every customer the prompt attention and courteous service they’ve come to expect: the new notification setting for individuals (rather than groups) enables a slide-in window in Quote. In this window, advisors can instantly know when customers either request their immediate attention or arrive in the service lane. Here’s a look at how it works.

When activated, the new Notifications setting will display a bell icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page the advisor is viewing. Alerts will display for the following three customer actions:

  • A customer arrives in the service drive
  • An email is sent through the Email tool in Quote
  • A customer selects “Contact Me” via the Quote Portal page

To view notifications or learn more about an alert, advisors can direct their cursor to the right edge of the page, causing the Notifications Center slide-out menu to appear. From there, they can click to view more information or dismiss or archive the notification.

Other useful tools:

  • The View Customer button
    Clicking this takes the advisor to the Customer Detail page for the customer they’re viewing. If the RO button is opened, it will trigger the in-lane notification, telling advisors that the customer has arrived for their appointment.
  • The Customer Portal View alert
    This alert is triggered the first time a customer visits the Quote Portal Page to view a quote, indicating that the customer is currently active on the portal page.
  • The Customer Portal Click alert
    This is triggered when the customer completes a “Contact Me” request from the Quote Portal Page, indicating that the customer has requested communication from the dealership.

To start receiving individual system notifications, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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