Study: Book™ boosts RO numbers by 26%

Customer Only | February 28, 2018


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There are many well-known advantages to using Book, such as saving an average of 27 hours of monthly advisor time and making it easier for customers to schedule online. Now, with recent research conducted by AutoLoop, Book has an added advantage: we compared average RO numbers between dealers using Book and those not using Book, and Book users had higher success. Read on to learn more.

Book boosts RO numbers by 26%

Book customers realize an 11.2% net lift in Repair Orders, while non-Book customers realized an 8.8% net lift in Repair Orders. That’s a 26% higher average monthly increase in ROs!

These findings are great news for dealers using Book and a strong testimonial for those not using Book who’d like to accelerate their service business.

For more information on this study, or if you have any other questions about Book, be sure to reach out to your Performance Manager.

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