Affinitiv Case Study: Social Roots 1:1

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A profile of Fort Bend Kia

The Challenge

Fort Bend Kia is located in Rosenberg, TX, a small town 35 miles southwest of Houston. Owner/Principal Virgil Skinner’s primary marketing challenge is to convince customers in
the nearby suburbs to drive south to his store.

Until two years ago, Skinner’s marketing strategy consisted of cable television spots, untargeted direct mail, email marketing, ads in civic association newsletters and ads in local HOA magazines. However, he was frustrated with his advertising ROI.

Our Solution

Skinner decided to contact Affinitiv where he learned about Social Roots 1:1, a unique digital advertising solution. Social Roots 1:1 leverages DMS data and trigger-based algorithms to drop targeted sales and service messages directly into Facebook newsfeeds.

Social Roots 1:1 campaigns generate a variety of messages designed to drive the customer into the store. For the Service Department, these include current and past due service reminders. For the Sales Department, offers are created for customers with leases about to expire and messages are created for an after-purchase check in and a six-month sales follow up to ask for referrals.

Affinitiv runs a monthly custom sales campaign for Fort Bend Kia. These typically promote leasing specials or offers from the national campaign Kia is currently running. Custom sales ads are created for three separate audiences:

  • Fort Bend Kia’s current customers
  • In-market Kia shoppers within a 50-mile radius of the store
  • A lookalike audience of in-market shoppers

Each list excludes contacts from the others, so there is no overlap with advertising.

Proven Results

$109,250 Sales Revenue in 2017

$160,000 Advertising expenses cut after dropping cable television and untargeted direct mail budgets entirely

$146,950 Service Revenue from Facebook ad campaigns

$416,000 Added to bottom line through combined revenue and savings

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