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Crucial customer information is just that: crucial. So access it quickly and easily. With the newly redesigned Customer Information Page, you’ll be able to do just that! User-friendly navigation allows you to find what you need fast – including pending follow-up or other scheduled actions, equity in the customer’s current vehicles, and more – with the ability to access several different functionalities from a single source.


New Sections, Better Efficiency

The updated sections of the Customer Information Page were configured to provide the customer info essential to your daily operations in an easy-to-read format, with functionalities to help your sales team close deals more efficiently. When you search for a customer record, the new customer page will open and populate an at-a-glance snapshot of the customer.

Here’s a breakdown of the newly updated sections and functionalities:

Find the basic customer information here, as well as the number of duplicate, sold, service, and quote records. Instantly view the customer’s worth to your dealership as a dollar amount, shown in green. Gain access to a prefilled credit application form via the Credit App link at the bottom. And open driver’s license scans or any other documents saved to the customer’s record via the DL/DOCS link.


The customer’s phone numbers and email addresses are listed here, as well as their assigned salesperson and BDC agent. A red phone or email icon indicates that customer is on a Do Not Call or Do Not Email list. If the customer’s email address is linked to a social media account, that account can now be accessed via the social media buttons at the bottom of this section. To edit any of the customer’s information in this section, click on Edit.

Open Actions

Quickly view pending actions for a customer, right at the top of the page. Phone and email follow-up, showroom appointments, service appointments, and more will be listed here, as well as the status, such as Missed or Past Due. The Remove from Contact Schedule link at the bottom of this section will remove all pending actions for the customer.

Event History

This section is a complete history of the customer’s relationship with your dealership, showing all past actions. Filter and sort this section to view the data by Date, Type, Vehicle, Employee, Department, and more.


Here you can view all vehicles associated with the customer, whether currently owned or no longer owned. Vehicle details such as VIN, mileage, and trim are listed, as well as financing information, date of sale, and salesperson – plus discover the equity in the vehicle, shown in green.

Forward Action Button

The yellow plus sign at the bottom right of the screen provides additional options. This button allows you to edit the customer’s Results-Based Follow-Up schedule, pull credit, audit, print the event history, or open a list of available activity options (such as setting up an email to the customer).

Instantly view scheduled actions, equity in current vehicles, and more with the newly designed Customer Information Page. For more information on how to navigate the new page, or for any other questions on how to maximize XRM for your dealership, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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