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Creating brand loyalty in today's computerized world requires excellence and speed at every step of the automotive customer lifecycle, from first contact to repurchasing. If your dealership can't keep pace, we can guide you through a digital transformation to streamline your operations.

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Do so much more with a single click – the newly redesigned Vehicle Inventory Page puts the information you need to close the deal right at your fingertips. More than just vehicle trim, color, photos, or pricing, find out how many leads and quotes a specific model has received, how long it’s been on your lot, the service history, and more. And match vehicle inventory to your customers with information that’s easier than ever to find.

Filter Your Inventory

The filter bar at the top of the Vehicle Inventory Page allows you to search by keyword, physical location at your dealership, type (such as Retail, New, Used and Certified Pre-Owned), mileage, and price range. Filter vehicles by age to see which units have been at your dealership the longest to focus on moving that stock. The Show Leads/Deals toggle at the far right shows the number of leads and deals for a specific vehicle, highlighting high-demand vehicles.

View Your Options

Using the options bar found below the filter bar, you can quickly select all inventory, refresh the list, and change the list view from the default detailed view (with images) to the condensed view (without images) to see more vehicle records. The gear icon to the far right allows you to customize the columns shown to your preference. Want to show a customer your inventory options but don’t want them to view the MSRP/book value or internet price? Hide those columns by using the gear icon.

Sort Your Data
Click on the filter options in this bar to arrange your data in ascending or descending order and find what you need fast. Easily sort by stock number, exterior color, days on your lot, number of leads or deals, listed price and more.

Drill Down into the Details

When a vehicle record is clicked, a dropdown opens to reveal the information on that vehicle. Five tabs at the top of this section give you access to all the information available on the selected vehicle.

  • Details tab: view vehicle details including VIN, date in stock, and more; pricing information such as retail, internet, and MSRP; additional information including engine, transmission and MPG, vehicle images, website link, and standard equipment listed.
  • Leads tab: quickly view the leads on the selected vehicle, including the date of the lead, the customer name and phone number, the customer’s distance from your dealership, and if the customer has visited your showroom, indicated by a yellow building icon.
  • History tab: all activity with the selected vehicle is listed here, such as the date, the user who logged the activity, the type (such as added to inventory), and any other vital details, such as trade-in information, VIN, and stock number.
  • Services tab: the selected vehicle’s service history is listed here, showing the date of service, advisor, repair order or appointment number, customer or warranty pay amount, and any additional comments.
  • Images tab: view, add, and edit the selected vehicle’s images from this tab, and easily send images to interested customers.

With all the information on a selected vehicle in your dealership’s inventory now easier to access than ever, you can quickly find what you need to move more stock and close more deals. For additional information on how to capitalize on this newly updated page, or for any questions on other features of XRM, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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