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The Customer Details page in Quote makes it easy to access customer information from several different sources, putting everything you need to view in clickable tabs. Now, with our most recent updates, these different tabs and functionalities work together even better than before, making Customer Details a more robust sales tool. Read on and see what’s new.

Read notes at a glance

In the Notes tab, an update allowing more text to appear means that notes 500 characters and below will fit within the main window – with no need to expand the page to read the whole note. Additionally, a button added to the top of the page makes it possible for users to add a new note with just a click (the functionality is the exact same as on the Quotes tab).


Easily see when they’re coming in next

Now, when a customer has an upcoming service appointment scheduled, the appointment details will display in the Customer Details page. This saves advisors time by eliminating the need to navigate back and forth to view the appointment information in the service ledger.


Customer Details modal for Sales and Usage Report

Clicking on a customer’s name in the Sales and Usage Report now opens their Customer Details page in a modal version over the report (from the Sales, Usage and Missed Opportunities tabs), giving you all their information without having to leave the Sales and Usage page.


These updates are the latest in our continuing efforts to make Quote a valuable sales tool for your advisors. If you have any questions about these updates, please get in touch with your Performance Manager.

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