New: creative campaigns tailored to trade-ins

Customer Only | February 7, 2018


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Check out your Campaign Gallery for fresh new campaigns focused on driving trade-ins for conquest and sales customers alike.


Reward service customers’ loyalty with an exclusive equity offer. Our alluring designs will draw them in, and your special pricing will keep them reading. Bold photos of their perfect new vehicle – alongside a graphic representation of their current one – provide an easy-to-understand “Good/Best” comparison. The accompanying creative calls out the many benefits of getting into something new, from the newest technology to the latest safety features.

Existing Sales Customers

Surprise and delight customers who have purchased a vehicle from you in the past with an unexpected, expertly designed trade-up offer. Let them know how easy it is to upgrade their current ride and present their customized quote using hard-to-resist, compelling visuals and copy. Since it’s highly likely they don’t even realize they’re in equity, your message is likely to really grab their attention.

Ready to request these new campaigns? Visit your Campaign Gallery to get started. And for assistance, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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