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Could your shop benefit from more organization when it comes to keeping customer records? What if you could drive more service revenue while you’re at it? These are just two of the many benefits that come with transitioning from paper MPI forms to a digital tool. Below are just a few of the ways going digital can benefit your shop:

Easy tracking

A digital MPI system acts as a checklist of required inspection points. You already know how important it is to keep a record of repairs and damage. And having an accurate representation of everything that’s needed and recommended gives you an excellent opportunity for upselling those services.

Parts availability

Keeping track of which parts you have and don’t can be a hassle – but most systems integrate with specified parts for the vehicles you service. Know in advance which exact parts you’ll need to do the job, along with their current availability, and you’ll be much more efficient in completing service.

On-the-spot upsells

If your digital MPI system lets you share inspection results over multiple devices, all the better. This allows you to reach customers the way they prefer and keeps them informed about the needs of their vehicle, making upsells happen more organically.

Increased transparency

Another benefit of a good MPI system is that it integrates with your other shop applications. Saving reports and any declined repairs to the customer’s record is important, as following up with them later on and keeping them informed can make or break an upsell – or even their business with you.

Better liability coverage

Digital MPI systems make finding – and recording – any existing damage or needed repairs effortless. Most even have a graphic representation of the vehicle where you can select the area where damage is found. Capturing these areas of damage or repair is crucial, as it reduces your liability and enhances customer trust: by presenting these service recommendations up front, your customers will be more likely to come to you in the future, and they’ll be well-informed of any previously declined repairs next time they schedule service.

If you’re ready to learn more about transitioning your shop from paper to digital MPI tools, reach out to your Performance Manager today.

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