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What’s the most critical element of your marketing emails? Is it the compelling subject line that causes your customers to open? Is it the enticing offer that drives more showroom and service lane traffic? It’s true that these parts, among others, are vital – but if your emails are marked as spam or delivered to your customer’s junk folder, they won’t even see that clever subject line.

Ensuring email delivery will not only keep your customers engaged with your marketing efforts, it’ll also keep your domain or IP address from being blacklisted – a hard brake to your marketing. Take a look at these tips to ensure email delivery – and ultimately, more business.

What Not To Do

Here are some things to avoid for better email deliverability:

  • Using third-party marketing lists. It may be tempting to instantly grow your marketing database, but these lists are often riddled with issues and crush deliverability.
  • Rendering your text as images. Internet Service Providers monitor the ratio of text to images and will mark emails as spam if only images are detected.
  • Using shortened links in your emails, especially from associated companies. These are widely used by affiliate marketers and some Internet Service Providers/Email Service Providers automatically mark these emails as spam and blacklist the sender.
  • Overwhelming sales messaging. Selling is your main objective, but in an email it could be marked as spam. Avoid using too many exclamation points, ALL CAPS, multiple colors and too much HTML.

What To Do

Boost your email deliverability with these tips:

  • Keep your marketing lists clean and up-to-date. Attempting to send to outdated email addresses is the most common cause of reputation damage to the domains and IP addresses used to send the emails. Often, Email Service Providers leave ‘spam traps’ to record how many attempts are made to deliver to an outdated or invalid email address – and continued attempts classifies you as spam.
  • Ask your customers to add you to their address book – this is the easiest and most effective way to ensure your emails get delivered to them.
  • You only have so much time to engage your customers – make sure your message is clear and accessible from one single source to avoid drop-off.
  • If your emails end up in the ‘promotional’ folder, ask your customers to move your emails to their inbox. This ensures future emails will be delivered to their inbox.
  • Create compelling email campaigns that drive response rates. As more customers open and engage with your emails, future deliverability improves.
  • After multiple attempts to reengage unresponsive customers with targeted, specific offers that yield no results, remove them from your list.
  • Run your emails through a spam filter. CRM provides a spam filter so you can review your emails before sending.

Ensure your customers receive – and engage with – every marketing email you send them. Use these best practices and you’ll quickly start driving more business.

For more information about tips to improve email deliverability or any other marketing topic, please contact your Performance Manager.

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