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Creating brand loyalty in today's computerized world requires excellence and speed at every step of the automotive customer lifecycle, from first contact to repurchasing. If your dealership can't keep pace, we can guide you through a digital transformation to streamline your operations.

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You know how service visits affect service retention, but do you know how service visits relate to the customer buying process? According to a recent study conducted by AutoLoop, we discovered that the peak repurchase rate occurs between the fourth and eighth service visit. This valuable insight gives you an edge in your marketing strategy – increase engagement and revenue by sending your service customers sales communications at precisely the right time. Learn how below.

The Facts: How Service Visits Relate to Repurchase

We analyzed over 690K deals across 500+ dealerships and found that repurchase rates are highest between the fourth and eighth service visit; rates begin to drop after more visits (likely meaning that customers are keeping their vehicles long-term). Luxury brands are even more likely to purchase during peak intervals, and sooner too – the repurchase rates begin closer to the third service visit.

Maximize Your Marketing: Here’s How

With this insight, you can make the most of your sales marketing efforts to touch customers at the ideal time in the buying process. Target your service customers based on the number of service visits, and stay top-of-mind by sending sales promotions with your current incentives, personalized offers based on your customer data and more. Ensure your customers are informed of your best deals while they’re considering repurchasing – and encourage more of them to visit your showroom at their next service appointment.

To learn more about how to strategically market to your service customers to convert more sales, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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