Recent study: Quote deals drive higher CSI

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According to a recent study, we found that Quote deals drive 2% higher Overall Sales Satisfaction versus non-Quote deals. If that doesn’t sound like a significant number, let us put things into perspective.

Confidence counts

The increase is noteworthy in that it carried a confidence level of 95%. This tells us that Quote buyers’ purchasing experiences are, on average, superior to those of non-Quote buyers.

J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Score

In the most recent J.D Power Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study, the average Mass Market brand’s SSI score was 764. If we apply the 2% lift mentioned earlier, the average Quote deal’s SSI score translates to 779*. That’s right up there with the top-tier Mass Market performers. An increase like this is especially critical, considering that many OEM and Sales employees’ compensation packages rely directly on a good SSI score.

For more insight into this research, or any other statistics regarding deals made through Quote, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

* Based on sales from 2015-2017

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