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Working a customer and want a shortcut to their data? Maintain quick access to a customer you plan to contact frequently by pinning them from almost any page. Read on to see how to pin a customer – and from which pages to pin them.

Pinning a Customer

To see up to 5 recently-viewed customers, click on the pin at the top right, near the Search bar. Once the menu opens, you’ll see your recent customers on the right, with pinned customers on the left. To pin a customer for quick reference later on, simply click the gray pin next to their name. The pin will turn yellow and rotate slightly to the right, indicating the customer is now pinned.

Pinning from the Sales and Service Ledgers

Another option is pinning a customer from the Sales Ledger. First, click on the customer you’d like to view to see their Customer Details page. You’ll see the same pin icon in the upper right corner of the page, next to the search window. That pin icon will keep track of how many customers have been pinned with a green bubble icon which displays the total pinned amount. In the example below, there is a small “1” over the green icon to show that one customer has been pinned in Quote so far.

Pinning from the Search window

Easily access a customer you’d like to pin using the Search window on the righthand side of any page in Quote. Once the customer appears in the search results, you can pin them straight from the result.

It’s as simple as that! If you have any additional questions about pinning customers in Quote, please reach out to your Performance Manager.



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