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Customer Only | January 9, 2018


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Take advantage of faster, easier and more effective new-vehicle upsells: the new Quote integration with 700Credit allows salespeople to perform soft credit pulls for your service-only customers. With instant access to a customer’s FICO score and auto credit profile, this new integration enables you to fill in the gaps on a service-only customer’s current vehicle loan status. From there, you can quickly and automatically generate highly-targeted, attractive trade-up offers in the service drive.

Effortlessly obtain valuable information

With the ability to perform a soft credit pull, there is no need for the customer to share their social security number or date of birth. Additionally, the credit pull will not register on the customer’s credit report or negatively affect their credit. In compliance with credit laws, 700Credit sends the customer a letter letting them know they’ve been pre-qualified for a loan.

Everything you need for a solid upsell

Prescreening with soft credit pulls gives your advisors valuable information on service customers’ monthly payments, payoff amounts, interest rates, etc. The sales team is then in a strong, informed position to get customers into a new vehicle for a similar payment.

Establish sales history with service-only customers

Performing a soft credit pull is the perfect way to prequalify service lane customers who didn’t buy from you, but who are in a good equity position for an upsell. Your advisors can then save the information in Quote, where the information will be saved along with an estimated payoff quote which will be updated every month.

Get more done in less time

The new integration is the latest way Quote is streamlining the upsell process, saving advisors and salespeople valuable time. Now, there is no more need for shifting back and forth between applications; the prescreening happens right from within Quote. This translates into a significantly reduced new-vehicle purchase time, with the average sales time with a soft credit pull being 2 hours.

For more insight into using the new 700Credit integration, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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