New: create customized transportation options

Customer Only | January 3, 2018


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Appeal to customers and grow their loyalty by offering different transportation options when they schedule a service appointment. This new feature in Book™ allows you to show customers which transportation options are available through your dealership. In addition, there is now an option to specify the quantity for each custom transportation type offered, so advisors can stay on top of capacity in real time.

For example, if your shop has a total of 5 custom transportation options (such as a dedicated taxi service) in addition to the traditional methods (loaners, valet, etc.), you can now set the menu to begin at 5, just as you can with any other item in the Transportation menu. The desired default number will then automatically subtract in real time as the defined transportation options are used by you or other advisors.

To delete a custom transportation option, simply select a new transportation type from the menu as shown above.

Custom items can also be deleted if needed. However, if future appointments are assigned to the deleted custom transportation option, a new transportation option must be selected from the menu for those appointments. Then, capacity will be calculated from the newly selected transportation type. If capacity is not available, you will be notified and given the option to override the capacity if needed.

Accommodate customers by offering different transportation options and ensuring they know what options are available. Take advantage of the customizable transportation feature in Book, or reach out to your Performance Manager for assistance.

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