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Customer Only | January 3, 2018


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Schedules change – people call in sick, customers come in with unexpected work, jobs finish early. All these factors can impact your shop, and with Book™, adjusting your capacity on the fly to keep a full – but not overbooked – service lane is quick and easy. Read on to see how Book’s capacity overrides can help you be nimble in an ever-changing world.

Diving in
To access the capacity override tool, click on Settings → Book Settings → Capacity Override. If your Scheduler is set up with teams, separate overrides can be set up for each.

First, select the team you want to override, then click on the day you want to modify. The override selection box will display to allow you to select the target, which can be a shop-wide capacity, an advisor, a transport capacity or a skill group.

To modify an advisor’s availability, first locate the advisor’s timeslot capacity display next to the editable “Override” column. “1” represents appointment availability for that timeslot and a value of zero removes availability. To select the timeslots you want to change, drag and click. To modify the selections, enter zero or use the arrows to change capacity to none, then click save.

To verify that the advisor’s availability has been modified, check the calendar. The advisor’s name will appear on the date there are any overrides.

To remove or change an override, click on the advisor’s name on the calendar and modify specific timeslots or return to full normal capacity assignments by clicking on the Clear Overrides button.

Please note, override capability is usually only given to Service Managers and any users they authorize to have access to Book’s setting pages. Care must be taken to ensure users have been trained on how to use the override tool to prevent unwanted changes to the scheduler’s settings.

For more details on this or other Book features, please contact your Performance Manager.

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