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Complete data accuracy is key when creating the most effective offers to target your customers. Irrelevant communications that don’t reflect the most up-to-date information are nonproductive and can annoy the customer. At the same time, keeping up with multiple details that frequently change can seem impossible.

Quote’s extended warranty flag saves time, improves accuracy and offers new profit opportunities.

By refining the data reflected in its Sales and Service ledgers, Quote’s innovative feature ensures the most targeted messaging for your customers with expiring warranties. Quote already flags customers when the Warranty Term filter is applied – now, extended warranties are included and considered when determining the warranty expiration. Customers within four months of the expiration date or 4,000 miles of their longest warranty for the given vehicle are flagged as such in the ledgers.


If an extended warranty exists for the vehicle shown, that warranty’s expiration date or applicable mileage is used to determine the timing for flagging the customer. If the vehicle carries no extended warranty, the standard manufacturer warranty is used.

This update allows you to more precisely tailor communications to customers who are actually nearing the end of their warranty coverage and may want to consider added warranty protection or possibly upgrade to another vehicle. This feature offers another great advantage: extended warranties are a premium opportunity to grow more sales. And now, finding who is eligible and targeting them with the right message at precisely the right time makes upselling easy. Simply find your targets from the ledger and request an extended warranty communication to encourage upsell on the spot.

To find out more about Quote’s extended warranty feature, or to explore other Quote features, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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