“Good-Better-Best” pricing: your secret weapon for more upsells

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Service Plans, also known as “Good-Better-Best” pricing plans, increase your service revenue by offering customers more options, giving them the ability to choose the level of service they want at each visit to your shop. Creating a Service Plan in Book is an easy way to give your customers different bundles of tiered service options – a Good option, a Better option and a Best option – so they feel empowered to choose the best plan for their vehicle – and their budget.

Start with OEM best practices

Each manufacturer recommends necessary maintenance milestones for their vehicles at certain mile intervals, and they encourage customers to keep up with these milestones so that their vehicles stay in top condition. Keep this in mind when working with your Performance Manager to create the best Service Plan options for your dealership, as the specific services recommended might inspire you to create a specific service bundle to serve customers.

A better value than purchased alone

Much like value meals at fast food restaurants, “Good-Better-Best” pricing usually offers customers a better deal than if they purchased the services piecemeal. For example, an oil change at your shop might start at $40. But the same service might be offered as part of your “Good” pricing tier, along with a tire rotation, MPI and car wash for $60, which is less than if customers purchased these services separately.


The power of choice

Most consumers appreciate having a selection of products to choose from, rather than a single product at a one-size-fits-all, “take it or leave it” price. And when customers can choose the service package that best suits their needs, you benefit, too. By offering a competitive, sensibly priced plan as your “Good” Service Plan tier, you’re catering to budget-conscious customers who may have passed up your dealership otherwise. By the same token, you’d be surprised how many customers will level up to your “Better” or even “Best” service options when given the choice. Both situations add up to revenue for your shop that you’d otherwise miss out on.

When you leverage Book to create well executed, valuable Service Plans, you allow your advisors to more effectively upsell to a wider variety of customers in your service bay. This means larger ROs and happier customers – and that’s a win-win.

For help creating “Good-Better-Best” menus in Book, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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