Two tips to tune up your oil change offers

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Essentials makes it easy to deliver attention-grabbing service campaigns to your customers at exactly the right time. And although this can definitely drive customers into your service lane, there are some roadblocks. Many of these potential challenges involve competing with the aftermarket service centers on virtually every neighborhood corner. That’s why we’re sharing our two proven best practices to effectively do just that, using a highly popular service offer: an oil change.

Catch Their Eye with a Price Point Below $30

According to our research, the number-one reason customers choose aftermarket service centers over dealerships like yours is the perception of higher prices at dealers. This mindset was evident when we evaluated the impact of oil change price points on customer response rates for scheduled maintenance reminders. For the average dealer, we found that oil change offers priced below $30 drove more traffic than higher priced oil change offers. Which is why we recommend advertising oil change prices below $30 for conventional oil changes. And if you’re using a dollar- or percent-off coupon, consider offering a discount that results in a final oil change price of below $30.

Break the Distance Barrier

Choosing the best oil change price for your marketing communications is particularly challenging when trying to attract customers who live further from the dealership. These are the customers who must pass multiple aftermarket service centers to get to you, but they will if you make it worth their time. In our recently completed 2017 national consumer study, 81% of consumers said they would only drive up to 20 miles for an oil change. To overcome this distance barrier with consumers who live farther than 20 miles from your store, we recommend either advertising a lower price point for these customers or increasing the value of your incentive by bundling an oil change with offers for other services, such as a free tire rotation.

By following these best practices, you’re more likely to increase customer loyalty and drive ROI for your dealership. If you have further questions about our recent research or offer recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact your Performance Manager.

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