4 New Widgets to Track Your Performance

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Managing day-to-day operations can take up a lot of your bandwidth – that’s why Essentials now has four new widgets that make tracking your dealership’s progress easy and instantly attainable. Whether you have scheduled reports sent to your inbox already, or you just want some added insights, these new widgets are beneficial to you and your staff.

MTD (Month-to-Date) Deal Trends

Obtain a percentage for your deal count, total deal gross and average deal gross by selecting the data you’d like to view. Once your selection changes, the chart within will re-populate with the appropriate trend lines – showing you month-to-date sales data compared to the same month of the previous year.

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MTD (Month-to-Date) RO Trends

Similar to MTD deal trends, this widget allows users to make a selection and generate a new percentage with trend lines comparing your RO data to the same month of the previous year as well. You may select RO count, customer pay RO count and average customer paid dollars.

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Sales Responses

Quickly check communication performance from the Sales Responses widget. Showing trending sales responses, this widget enables users to track their deals generated by marketing over the last four weeks. The default is on All Contacts, but you can easily customize your view by selecting Campaigns or Triggers. Additionally, users can instantly view the full drilldown on response via the Full ROI report hyperlink below the selections.

Service Responses

Similar to the Sales Responses widget, the Service Responses widget provides users with service communication data so they can track their ROs generated by marketing over the last four weeks. This widget includes the Full ROI report hyperlink as well.

For more information on these new widgets or how to use them, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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