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Discover easier, more effective trade-up processes with the new Custom Quote feature. Within the second tab of the updated Customer Details page, users can now view the most recent customer quote at a glance. Plus, print a handout/lead sheet from this screen, expand the view to see other quotes or generate a custom quote to help drive the sale.

The full breakdown

From the Quotes tab, users see all basic customer vehicle information on the left-hand side, including Purchase, Payment, Term, Rate, Warranty, Trade Value, Payoff and Equity data.

Similarly, the right-hand side will populate the most recent vehicle quote and all the quoted information, including payment difference, estimated fuel and repair costs and expiration date. To expand the selection, simply click “Expand to view other quotes” at the bottom to populate quotes from current to expired – or select to print a handout, lead sheet, or add a custom quote.

Adding a custom quote

Manipulating a quote may be the key to making or breaking a sale. That’s why we’ve added this easy-to-use feature to make creating a custom quote more efficient than ever. To access this feature, click on Add Custom Quote, and start entering the info required.

Start by clicking the down arrow to enter a stock number and/or vehicle description to select the trade-up vehicle. Once selected, the custom quote page will populate with sales options, trade allowance and customizable fields for loan and lease options. Edit the following fields on the left-hand side to modify the quote:

  • Dealer Profit
  • Document Fee
  • Tax Percentage
  • Trade Value
  • Trade Payoff
  • Net Trade
  • Check Box – Apply Tax Credit
  • Check Box – See More Trade Options

After filling in the correct data on the left, be sure to enter a number in for every field on the right. As data is added, you’ll notice the Loan and Lease payments at the bottom will change. Then, once you’re finished, click Save for access to this quote later on.

The Quotes tab within the enhanced Customer Details page provides a wealth of information on a customer’s current and previous quotes – plus it enables users to create a custom quote to appeal more to both customer and dealer interests. For more information on the new Custom Quote feature or Customer Details page, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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