Offer Faster, Flexible Payment Options In-Lane

Customer Only | August 30, 2017


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By maximizing upsell opportunities at check-in, AutoLoop SmartLane™ has been proven to generate a 44% increase in RO dollars – about $4,670 a month for the average dealer. Add AutoLoop BillPay™ to your SmartLane technology to make the payment process just as seamless, boosting CSI by giving your customers faster, more flexible ways to pay.

Capitalize on faster, in-lane payments

Streamline delivery and drive more revenue with SmartLane and BillPay integration. After reviewing with the customer, advisors can present the opportunity to pay right from the invoice in the SmartLane app. All they need to do is click “Pay” to add in the final pay amount, and click “Pay Now” to enter the customer’s card information.

Once payment is complete, advisors have the option of sending the customer’s invoice receipt via SMS text message or email. Then, your staff can quickly and easily compare end-of-day or end-of-week credit card payments against your DMS with BillPay’s reconciliation ledger within Book.

Facilitate higher service spends

Customers paying online spend 70% more than those who pay in store. By integrating SmartLane and BillPay, your team can help inspire higher spends by sending the customer a link to pay online through a secure, dealer-branded portal. Plus, online payments open the lines of communication – customers will have the opportunity to ask their advisor questions, or proceed with payment by clicking “Pay Now”. And you’ll have the opportunity to easily access and view payment status and history later on.

Accelerate your checkout process – and drive higher spends with SmartLane and BillPay: reach out to your Performance Manager with any questions – or to enroll – today.

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