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Price uncertainty is the number one reason a customer won’t visit a dealership’s service center for maintenance.* And when prices are displayed, several studies** have shown that it leads to “counterintuitive preferences.” For example, one analysis observed a significant proportion of consumers selecting the more expensive of two replicates of the same product – solely because pricing was listed.

With this latest update, Book enables you to better cater to customers by giving you options for displaying pricing information.

Show Prices in Online Scheduling

This box is checked by default. As mentioned above, we recommend you keep this box checked for maximum price transparency.

Show free services as “Free/Complimentary”

Rather than showing the price for the selected op code, select this box to display it as “Free/Complimentary”. It’ll help immediately grab your customers’ attention – and, ultimately, boost their satisfaction.

Show “Starting At” for prices in Online Scheduling

If you’d rather display “starting at” pricing compared to exact, select this option. It’s a great middle ground – giving your customers a general idea of service pricing without tying you to an exact amount.

To enable new online service pricing, reach out to your Performance Manager to adjust your settings today.

*According to results of a survey commissioned by Record360, polling 500 consumers that had taken their vehicle into a dealership service center for maintenance within the past 12 months.

**According to results from behavioral economics on transparent pricing. Carter, R.E. & Curry, D.J. J. of the Acad. Mark. Sci. (2010) 38: 759.

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