August Brings New XRM Updates

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Every month, we use your valuable feedback and our own observations to implement the tweaks, changes, enhancements and even deletions that we believe will continue making XRM easier and more profitable to use. This month, we’ve added a general change as well as a couple expressly for Trade-In Valet® dealers: check them out.

Manage Employee Page

Your Manage Employee page is now organized specifically for email/text notifications vs. mobile push notifications, showing you all the particulars and exact differentiation you need at a glance.

New Report for Trade-In Valet Dealers

To give our Trade-In Valet dealers a more comprehensive picture of their leads overall, our latest report shows tracking for all leads generated regardless of original source.

You can access this new report by clicking through as follows:
Main Menu → Reports → Dealership Reports → Trade In Valet

Added Trade-In Valet Capability

Also new this month for TIV dealers: we’ve created the ability to assign the lead in XRM to the employee assigned in the lead from TIV, thus ensuring more consistency across the board.

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Question regarding these new updates? Reach out to your Performance Manager to learn more.

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