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MailChimp recently performed a massive global study* and found that segmented campaigns had a 14.31% higher open rate and a 100.95% higher click-through rate than non-segmented campaigns. Fortunately, Essentials makes adding a segmented list for a more accurate target easy.

It’s likely your dealership already segments lists, but are you familiar with just how much capability the Essentials list builder has? Take a look below to see three different scenarios where you can narrow your target for a higher response:

1. Your dealership is holding a monthly New Owner Event

You’re thinking of creating a complimentary two-hour clinic for new vehicle owners —but you want to ensure that the customers receiving the communication have actually bought recently. With Essentials, your Marketing Services Representative (MSR) can target customers by deals in the last X-amount of days, or even target by specific deal dates for you.

Only holding the event for a specific vehicle manufacturer? Essentials can add that in, too. This way, you’re reaching just the right audience for your clinic. Plus, you’re limiting event exposure to ensure only recent purchasers have this special opportunity for valuable vehicle insights and any complimentary offers from your dealership.

2. A certain Year, Make, Model (YMM) is known to have issues with age

Target customers who own an older vehicle prone to expensive repair issues, and compel them to trade up. Simply inform your MSR or Performance Manager that you’d like to target a specific YMM, and add an enticing sales incentive to help close the deal.

3. You have an online scheduler, but too many customers are calling in appointments

Dealers who do about 1,000 monthly ROs also spend about 22 hours of advisor time each month booking customer appointments over the phone**. Improve efficiency by promoting all the benefits of online appointment scheduling via an on-demand campaign.

Send these campaigns to the customers that haven’t serviced recently, as well as those who have never scheduled an appointment online. Easy, online scheduling increases customer satisfaction – and it helps drive more appointments. Dealers who utilize online scheduling save an average of five advisor hours each month, just by empowering customers to book their own services online.

To explore other list building techniques, or for questions or comments, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

*According to a Mailchimp study sampling 2,000 users who sent about 11,000 segmented campaigns to nearly 9 million recipients.

**Based on analysis of AutoLoop stores covering domestic and import dealers.

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