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Blog | July 25, 2017

Author: AutoLoop

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One of the top five reasons car shoppers don’t repurchase at certain dealerships is because of paperwork.* AutoLoop XRM™, the industry’s most robust, user-friendly CRM solution, helps eliminate this hassle. And now, with Direct Desk™ from XRM and other integrations, we’re further helping to ensure your customers come back by closing deals quicker to improve satisfaction.

The Direct Desk tool speeds up sales by putting all the customer information you need right at your fingertips, providing rates, residuals, money factors, rebates and more. Plus, it brings together dealer-specific options and programs for your customers’ leases and purchases.

Here are some of the other ways this high-tech tool can help:

Calculating Payments

Direct Desk presents retail, lease and balloon payment deals side-by-side to let customers choose the plan that works best for them. It also offers a Multi-Payment Grid with variable down payment amounts and term lengths so they can select their desired payment amount.

Automating Lease Rate, Residual Manager and Retail-Rate Matrix

Instantly view manufacturer programs that a customer qualifies for just by entering vehicle and customer credit information.

Preparing Electronic Paperwork

Turn your paperwork into electronic forms to show customers that you’re with the times – plus provide quicker, smoother transactions while printing forms directly within XRM.

Pulling Credit History

Pull and store pertinent customer information within your DMS records via XRM’s CBC and 700Credit company integrations.

Providing Complete Desking History

See what offers have been made to a customer in previous dealership visits to give them something new – or turn a declined repair into an opportunity.

Rolling Payments

Expedite customer transactions by rolling deals into monthly payment figures. Direct Desk also provides the option to change deals from cash down to trade allowance or vehicle discount.

… And It’s All on One Screen

Integrating Direct Desk and XRM gives you all of these capabilities at a glance. And, it gives you a more professional appearance and provides faster transactions for your customers.

Ready to improve your sales – and the customer experience? Contact AutoLoop today to learn more about Direct Desk and the XRM Suite.

*2016 AutoLoop Digital Automotive Engagement (ADE) study, a survey of 1,000 automotive customers.

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