Does Your Marketing Integrate with Your Scheduling?

Blog | July 25, 2017


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Integrating your marketing and scheduling can have a big impact on your business, driving your profits to new heights and helping turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers. That’s why AutoLoop Essentials™, our targeted, multi-channel customer marketing solution is seamlessly connected to Book™, our comprehensive customer scheduling and service lane management suite.

Here are five ways integrated marketing and scheduling programs can make a difference for your dealership:


  1. Increased Appointments

Essentials marketing communications link directly to Book. Your customers will be able to log in automatically without needing to remember their user name and password, simplifying scheduling and improving the user experience. This integration has been proven to generate an average of 18% online bookings for our customers.

  1. Aligned Service Recommendations

Marketing communications are concordant with recommended service, so customers get the same reminders via email when scheduling appointments and when they are greeted in the service lane. This interconnectivity offers customers a better experience at every point in the service journey.


  1. Improved Customer Experience

Tools such as our Service Introduction Text make the customer experience more personal by sending automated thank-you messages every time an RO is generated. It also provides an easy way for customers to call you should they have questions. And with open rates of 96%, they’re definitely getting the message.


  1. Busier Service Bays

AutoLoop Book also allows you to monitor your shop capacity in real time. And with Essentials, you’ll be able to easily fill gaps in business by implementing an immediate on-demand campaign to draw in customers. It’s as easy as selecting a service template from our comprehensive gallery of 3,000+ responsive, professionally designed communications.

  1. Fewer Declined Repairs

Book provides instant access to view declined repairs via customer history – and Essentials helps your convert them into revenue. Remarket with automated communications for tires, brakes, battery and general repairs. Last year alone, Essentials recovery communications generated $89 million in customer pay on ROs.

Interconnected programs help maximize efficiency and productivity, grow your bottom line and raise your CSI. Contact us today to learn more about AutoLoop’s next-generation solutions for marketing and scheduling.

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