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CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution uniquely branded as;“XRM, Extreme CRM”, today announced that Keith Shetterly, Director of Business Development and Call Center with CAR-Research XRM will present a workshop at Automotive Boot Camp 2013 titled, “The Invisible Customer: Get Sales from the Buyers We DON’T See,” on Wednesday, May 15, at 9:30 am.Shetterly has been a very successful and prominent BDC/Internet/Processes/Advertising consultant for dealerships; the eCommerce Director and Processes Trainer for a three-location, 16 franchise dealer group in Houston, Texas; and the BDC Sales and Processes Director and #1 salesperson for another Houston-based dealershipIn his presentation he will address a recent CAR-Research study that shows how the average dealership only logs 25 percent of their ups. And the ones that do get logged are those close to closing, that have gotten to the negotiation stage, and who are most likely to buy.

“The customer who walks into the dealership and is greeted by a salesperson who is rude or unprofessional, for example, does not get logged. The salesperson walks into the manager’s office and says, ‘Who? That guy? He was a flake. He wasn’t going to buy a car.’ Guess what! He IS going to buy a car. Just not from that dealership. He never got logged, so nobody can follow up with him to rectify the situation and get him back in,” said Shetterly.

J.D. Power states that customers are now visiting an average of no more than 1.4 dealerships before purchasing, down from 4.5 in 2005. Shetterly’s presentation will cover how dealerships today are more likely than ever before to sell a car to the fresh up. But they must be the “1” in the “1.4” and not the “0.4.”Commenting further about his presentation Shetterly stated, “Even if you have to follow up with a customer and get them back tomorrow or next week, you MUST be not just the FIRST dealership a customer visits…but the FIRST dealership that gives a great experience and actually LOGS them! And a logged up means nothing if there is no follow-up by the dealership. Statistics have long shown that two thirds of people able to buy a car, but that left, WILL return to the dealership if followed up with properly. And what is proper follow-up? Join my presentation and find out more. I hope to see you there!

”The CAR-Research ground–breaking XRM platform is a revolution in dealership CRM, communication, and database marketing that exceeds the boundaries of traditional CRM. It is a proven singular solution that helps an auto dealership run more effectively and proficiently. The web-based, comprehensive CRM solution increases revenue from sales and service, improves customer satisfaction index (CSI) and service satisfaction index (SSI), and boosts the dealership’s gross profit. A dealership can consolidate all its departments into a manageable solution that delivers value through proven processes at every stage of the customer life cycle.

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