Competition in the auto servicing world is tough, but the revenue generated from a solid service department can make or break a dealership’s bottom line. According to recent surveys, the majority of customers looking for routine maintenance services are searching the internet for the best value for their dollar. In order to compete with the independent shops, dealerships need to be seen where your potential customers are looking – page one of Google.

We make your clicks count.

At AFFINITIV, our PPC campaigns offer quality ad copy to increase Click Thru Rates and customized landing pages demonstrating offers and value propositions to increase time on site. Our custom campaigns are proven to drive the best traffic to your site that’s more likely to convert and spend with you versus an independent shop.

  • Strategically cloaked URL, designed to capture customers avoiding dealerships URLs
  • Content rich service landing page – designed to “book the appointment”
  • Superior reporting and ROI analysis – every dollar tracked in a PPC campaign

At AFFINITIV, we connect customers for life.

Service PPC is a natural evolution of your email and mail campaigns. They are a great way to recapture lost customers (out of warranty customers make up 94% of the conversions) and connect with orphaned and 2nd and 3rd vehicle owners who have never established a relationship with a dealer. Depend on AFFINITIV to bring you the state-of-the-art solutions and cutting edge technology necessary to not only reach your goals, but surpass your expectations.

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