Take your digital marketing to new heights with IP Direct, the only automotive marketing solution to offer you the inside track on targeting your intended audience. IP Direct harvests IP addresses from homes, buildings and businesses for a true 1:1 relationship between the physical and digital world.

A direct path to your target customer.

  • Display ads targeting to a single household
  • Average CTRs nearly 300% over industry standards
  • Performance results by exposure, clicks, conversions

At AFFINITIV, we connect customers for life.

IP Direct is a highly efficient way to deliver relevant content, when you want, to the customer you want, for pennies on the dollar. Using this propriety technology, we deliver display ads directly to the chosen consumer’s, computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Depend on Affinitiv to bring you the state-of-the-art solutions and cutting edge technology necessary to not only reach your goals, but surpass your expectations.

For more information how we can help you connect to your customers for life, contact us today at 866.233.1333 or click the link below to schedule a demo.

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